Court Watch LA - A Project of La Defensa

Our Goals & Values

CWLA Goals

To create accountability & transparency by bringing people into the courtroom to observe judicial behavior, collect data, and report out the findings to the general public.

To raise awareness around criminalization of individuals experiencing poverty and houselessness, including the use of fines and fees and bail setting practices.

To expose the disparate treatment and punishment of Black, Indigenous, Latine, gender marginalized folks including, women, LGBTQIA+, and other marginalized Angelenos.

To document influence of law enforcement and elected officials and hold them accountable for advancing mass incarceration and criminalization.

To support organizing efforts outside the courtroom.

CWLA Values

We are abolitionists. We court watch as a harm reduction practice to hold judges accountable and reduce the size and scope of the judiciary.

We believe power belongs to the people and the judiciary is no exception. Every courtroom belongs to the public.

We are bold to critique the system. Our lived experience makes us experts.

We seek to use our community power because we aren’t free until we’re all free.


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